Steg, Fischenthal, Gibswil: This is the biggest comunity, which is not a city, in the State of Zurich. I like to live here.

Do you like my pics? I've got some more. But I don't want to publish all of my pics. Reason: Web- host- space is limited.

The tremendous sight from our *house-mountain*, called Hörnli! This sight is southwards to the Etzel

From the same point of view sight to east, Churfirsten, Sargans

This is our *house-mountain*, called Hörnli! It has an antenna on the top and a restaurant. A sight from my dormitotory to the hill. It's the end of a thunderstorm. I took the pic last summer.

The rainbow is a sign. Our Lordgave the promis to Noah, he will never destroy the life on our world and he got his bow out of his hand and put it on a cloud.(Mos. I, 6-7) We will see the rainbow every time, when it's raining and it's a remember-me at the agreement.between our Lord and Noah. This is the cottage for washing clothes and stuff like that. Nowbody is playing table tennis on this table, but it's very useful for other purposes.

Late afternoon this winter (2002), when it was much below freezing point. A sight from walkway behind the building to Oberer Boden. A wonderful winter day like I like it very much, despite it's much below 32 F.

From our walkway behind the building to Reinsberg with the registered, former textile factory. Nowadays there are many small companies located in this building. This is Oberhof of Fischenthal on January, 6th.

And here you see, it's hot. My cat looks like just died. But she's still alive.


Dieter Isler 12/19/2002


first rev. 05/21/2002