MOWAG W 200 - 1964

Thats the Mowag W200, waiting for a customer. It was waiting for about two years, 'til I decided to buy it.



The engine is a 318 A with the original tag 318 - 200 HP on the right valve cover. Everything's original - except the electric gas pump.

The gas tank, the brake booster, the shaft to the wind from the transfer case with two speeds (1.00 / 1.96).

The front axle with the steering rod. The oil pan looks good and output pipe much younger than about 40 years old.

I was starting with cleaning... The Mowag has 26539 km on the odometer (16495 mi). It seems, the engine, the axle, the gear box and the transfer case are quite like new. But the gear box looses oil, when hot.

At the dashbord: the gas gauge, the ammeter, the speed meter, the temperature and the oil pressure light (idiot light).

Here's a lot of rust. On the right corner, I could see the tire. Next to the cover of the gear box, there's a hole, too. This way it's no way to succeed the test at the traffic administration (That's Switzerland ...) . I decided to bring the Mowag to a friend who's running a repair shop.

All the tags are removed. Later on I was removing the blue flash lights as well as the beams (at the front and both at the back).

The front: you'll recognise a Dodge Power Wagon W 200 model year 1962

The backside: The body's designed and manufacured in Switzerland. It's a kind of a station wagon with four doors, space for seven passengers and a big trunk. There's access from the back, from the right hand side and from the left hand side.

The gear box has been removed, mounting now a new clutch disk. The floor (aluminum) has been removed too to cut out all the rusty metal sheet.

The gas tank (about 18 gal), the frame and the subframe of the body.

No wonder, why the floor was rotted. There are two floors, with no protection against rust between.

The gear is box open to mount a new seal. The big wheel has dents. My mechanic was looking after a new one - with no success. So we mounted this one again.

The gear box is mounted again. All the rotted metal sheet has been removed. Now it's ready tho weld new metal sheets.

Technical datas of the gear box:

gears: 6.68/3.10/1.69/1.00/R8.25

axle ratio: 4.89

transfer ratio: 1.00/1.96

Most of the works have finished. It's waiting for the test. It succeeded. I'm glad.


The new floor and the new support from the body to the frame.

The same on the passenger side. A lot of work to paint the frame, too.

The new floor from the drivers side. It's a green primer from Sikkens. I had to rebuild the accelerator pedal, too.

The new floor from the drivers side. The instrument lights are switched off.



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